What’s the Ultimate Guide for Wearing an Asymmetrical Skirt to Work?

An asymmetrical skirt is a chic, fashionable item that can add a touch of flair to any wardrobe. But when it comes to incorporating this skirt into your professional wear, you might be a bit hesitant. Perhaps you’re unsure of how to style it or what factors to consider for your body shape. Fear not, for we have compiled an ultimate guide to help you wear an asymmetrical skirt to work with confidence. We will explore the different types of asymmetrical skirts, how to choose a skirt length that compliments your body shape, how to dress it up with the right additions, and the best shoes to pair with it.

Understanding Asymmetrical Skirts and Their Types

First, let’s dig into what exactly an asymmetrical skirt is. An asymmetrical skirt is a skirt that, instead of falling evenly around your body, has a hemline that descends or ascends in an irregular or uneven manner. The hem of the skirt may be shorter at one side, cut diagonally across the body, or layered with different lengths. These skirts can be fun and flirty, but they can also be made office-appropriate with the right styling.

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There are several types of asymmetrical skirts. The wrap skirt is one popular style, typically wrapping around the waist and securing with a tie or belt. It offers a slight asymmetry at the front, and it’s perfect for creating a flattering silhouette.

The layered skirt is another unique style that consists of multiple layers of fabric, each cut at different lengths to create an uneven hemline. This type of skirt has a lot of movement and can add a touch of drama to your outfit.

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Lastly, the high-low skirt features a shorter front and a longer back. This kind of skirt can elongate your legs and make you appear taller.

Choosing the Right Length for Your Body Shape

When shopping for an asymmetrical skirt, it’s important to consider the length that will best flatter your body shape. The length of your skirt can influence how your body’s shape is perceived, and choosing a skirt that ends at a flattering point on your legs can make a significant difference.

For petite women, a mini or knee-length asymmetrical skirt can elongate your legs and give the illusion of height. The high-low skirt is a great option as it can make your legs appear longer and leaner. Be sure to avoid asymmetrical skirts that fall past your knees, as they might overwhelm your frame.

If you have an hourglass figure, almost any length will look good on you. You can opt for a midi or maxi length to highlight your curves, or a mini length to show off your legs.

For women with a pear-shaped body, a midi length is usually the most flattering, as it covers the widest part of your legs while still showing some skin. It also helps balance your proportions.

Dressing Up Your Asymmetrical Skirt with the Right Additions

Once you’ve found the perfect skirt, it’s time to think about how to style it. While an asymmetrical skirt can be a statement piece on its own, adding the right additions can take your outfit to the next level.

A fitted top or blouse can balance out the volume of a layered or high-low skirt. Alternatively, a loose, flowing top can pair well with a wrap skirt, creating a relaxed, boho-chic look.

Additionally, a wide belt at the waist can help define your figure and add a pop of color or texture to your outfit. Jewelry can also be a great way to accessorize your look. A long necklace can draw attention to the unique hemline of your skirt, while a pair of statement earrings can tie your look together.

Pairing Your Asymmetrical Skirt with the Best Shoes

Finally, the shoes. The right footwear can enhance your overall look and make you feel even more confident in your asymmetrical skirt.

For a more professional look, you might opt for classic pumps or heeled sandals. These will add some height and sophistication to your outfit. If you’re going for a more casual look, try pairing your skirt with flats or even a pair of stylish sneakers.

If you have a high-low skirt, you may want to wear heels to accentuate the lengthening effect of the skirt. Meanwhile, a mini asymmetrical skirt would pair well with flats or low heels, so as not to overwhelm your outfit.

All in all, wearing an asymmetrical skirt to work requires thoughtful consideration of your body shape, skirt length, additions, and footwear. By paying attention to these factors, you’ll be well on your way to creating a chic, professional outfit that showcases your unique style.

How to Select an Asymmetrical Skirt Dress for Different Body Types

Now that you understand the different types of asymmetrical skirts and how to choose the right length for your body shape, let’s delve into how to select an asymmetrical dress for different body types. Undoubtedly, this is a crucial factor for anyone considering an asymmetrical skirt as their work attire.

For inverted triangle body types, the goal should be to balance your broader upper body with your narrower lower half. A layered skirt can add the necessary volume to the lower half, helping to balance out your proportions. You could also consider a wrap skirt which will cinch at your waist and flare out a bit, providing a more balanced silhouette.

For those with a rectangle body type, creating curves is often the aim. An asymmetrical skirt, such as a high-low or wrap skirt, can help to create the illusion of a defined waistline. A high waisted style is particularly flattering as it draws attention to the smallest part of your body.

For triangle body types, your lower half is broader than your upper body. A midi skirt or a pencil skirt with asymmetry at the hem could balance out your proportions nicely. The asymmetrical hem draws the eye upwards, away from your wider hips and towards your waist.

Lastly, for round body types, an asymmetrical dress that cinches at the waist and has an irregular hemline can help to define your waistline and highlight your legs. A knee length or midi skirt would be a great choice.

Looking After Your Asymmetrical Skirt

Your new stunning asymmetrical skirt or dress requires some care to maintain its allure. Whether it’s a maxi skirt, a pencil skirt, or a net porter, always check the care label for washing instructions. It’s generally safe to hand wash these skirts in cold water, using a mild detergent. Be gentle to avoid stretching the fabric, especially at the hemline.

When ironing your skirt, it’s recommended to use a lower heat setting. If it’s a layered skirt, ensure to smooth out each layer to avoid wrinkles. Storage is also an important aspect of care. Skirts should be hung up on padded hangers to maintain their shape. For heavy skirts like a denim skirt, folding may be a better option to prevent the fabric from stretching out.


All in all, wearing an asymmetrical skirt to work doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether it’s a mini skirt, a knee-length skirt, a midi skirt, or a maxi skirt, there’s a style that will complement every body type. From understanding different types of skirts to selecting the right length for your body shape, and from dressing up your skirt with the right additions to choosing the best shoes to pair with it, this guide covers it all.

Remember, confidence is key. With the right skirt and a clear understanding of how to style it to your body type, you can step into your workplace projecting elegance, professionalism, and unique style. So, go ahead, introduce an asymmetrical skirt into your work wardrobe and embrace the chic and fashionable you!

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